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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
HELAN23303 (A0A251RQI9)EHelianthus annuus81 orthologs
COCAP17598 (A0A1R3GRD2)ECorchorus capsularis48 orthologs
POPTR58172 (A0A2K1ZGF8)EPopulus trichocarpa0 orthologs
POPTR58173EPopulus trichocarpa51 orthologs
GOSRA25620 (A0A0D2NPE0)EGossypium raimondii50 orthologs
GOSRA25621EGossypium raimondii0 orthologs
GOSHI69208EGossypium hirsutum50 orthologs
GOSAR03993 (A0A0B0NWC8)EGossypium arboreum50 orthologs
GOSHI30190EGossypium hirsutum50 orthologs
MANES21430EManihot esculenta51 orthologs
CUCSA16128 (A0A0A0KPE7)ECucumis sativus51 orthologs
PRUPE24953 (M5XQ81)EPrunus persica51 orthologs

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