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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
COFCA06005 (A0A068TQT8)ECoffea canephora66 orthologs
ARALY15920EArabidopsis lyrata66 orthologs
POPTR12472EPopulus trichocarpa0 orthologs
POPTR12471 (A0A2K1XRJ3)EPopulus trichocarpa65 orthologs
VITVI24691 (D7U7X6)EVitis vinifera66 orthologs
PHAVU03444 (V7AH40)EPhaseolus vulgaris8 orthologs
ARATH16697 (F4IW50)EArabidopsis thaliana67 orthologs
BRANA54270EBrassica napus62 orthologs
BRAOL13693 (A0A0D3B6U7)EBrassica oleracea64 orthologs
CUCSA07461 (A0A0A0L936)ECucumis sativus66 orthologs

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