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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
DASNO22547EDasypus novemcinctus85 orthologs
CHILA20906EChinchilla lanigera0 orthologs
MOUSE04935 (G3UZ07)EMus musculus0 orthologs
PROCO28381 (A0A2K6G6Z2)EPropithecus coquereli1362 orthologs
SHEEP03302 (W5QAX3)EOvis aries1347 orthologs
CANLF18358ECanis lupus familiaris1351 orthologs
PRUPE03521 (M5VHH3)EPrunus persica2 orthologs
PRUPE09228 (M5VSV6)EPrunus persica41 orthologs
PRUPE23577 (M5XR65)EPrunus persica335 orthologs
PRUPE09304 (M5W6Y9)EPrunus persica412 orthologs
MARPO17068 (A0A2R6WWI4)EMarchantia polymorpha6 orthologs
MARPO17069EMarchantia polymorpha0 orthologs
ECHMU09811 (A0A068YJE4)EEchinococcus multilocularis3 orthologs
ECTSI09904 (D7FYA5)EEctocarpus siliculosus546 orthologs

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