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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SINGR66458 (A0A672NW95)ESinocyclocheilus grahami0 orthologs
SINGR66457 (A0A672NW95)ESinocyclocheilus grahami0 orthologs
SINGR66456 (A0A672NW90)ESinocyclocheilus grahami196 orthologs
SINGR66454 (A0A672NW95)ESinocyclocheilus grahami0 orthologs
ANOGA06962 (Q7PQM1)EAnopheles gambiae805 orthologs
LUCCU13558 (A0A0L0CJD8)ELucilia cuprina842 orthologs
CULQU03440 (B0X8S5)ECulex quinquefasciatus795 orthologs
AEDAE01459 (Q172Z9)EAedes aegypti804 orthologs
CULSO16358 (A0A336N522)ECulicoides sonorensis9 orthologs
ANODA02255 (W5JLE3)EAnopheles darlingi804 orthologs

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