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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
OCTBM24180 (A0A0L8GCE9)EOctopus bimaculoides0 orthologs
MAIZE48885 (A0A1D6Q5Z5)EZea mays0 orthologs
MAIZE48890 (A0A1D6Q601)EZea mays0 orthologs
MAIZE48892 (A0A1D6Q604)EZea mays452 orthologs
MAIZE48894EZea mays0 orthologs
CITCL06084 (V4VYF5)ECitrus clementina86 orthologs
POPTR12500EPopulus trichocarpa83 orthologs
AMBTC15557 (W1PYU8)EAmborella trichopoda87 orthologs
LOTJA27149ELotus japonicus85 orthologs
PRUDU15658 (A0A5E4FHB2)EPrunus dulcis83 orthologs
PRUPE12915EPrunus persica81 orthologs
KALFE27541 (A0A7N0SZH4)EKalanchoe fedtschenkoi86 orthologs
DAUCS16189 (A0A161Y6R1)EDaucus carota83 orthologs
ACTCC09296 (A0A2R6R6G1)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis1 orthologs
ACTCC18085 (A0A2R6R9E6)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis84 orthologs

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