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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
NANGA05999 (A0A8C6QJR1)ENannospalax galili239 orthologs
DIPOR04441 (A0A1S3F262)EDipodomys ordii178 orthologs
PIGXX29930 (TTHY_PIG)ESus scrofa186 orthologs
CHRPI26858 (A0A8C3HWU9)EChrysemys picta bellii0 orthologs
CHRPI26859 (A0A8C3HY26)EChrysemys picta bellii180 orthologs
CRIGR20227 (G3I4M9)ECricetulus griseus248 orthologs
ICTTR04722 (I3M9X3)EIctidomys tridecemlineatus238 orthologs
OTOGA16241 (H0XG43)EOtolemur garnettii188 orthologs

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