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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
MYCSD02460 (F5YW63)BMycolicibacter sinensis39 orthologs
RATNO30190 (A0A8I6A629)ERattus norvegicus2496 orthologs
DIPOR10568EDipodomys ordii1218 orthologs
HORSE32217 (F6X6A6)EEquus caballus2622 orthologs
EQUAS07512 (A0A8C4MI88)EEquus asinus asinus2594 orthologs
RATNO09100 (A0A0G2K1P0)ERattus norvegicus473 orthologs
RATNO08369ERattus norvegicus2611 orthologs
DIPOR15439EDipodomys ordii1315 orthologs

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