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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
KLEFL02012EKlebsormidium flaccidum156 orthologs
STYLE07805 (A0A078ABY0)EStylonychia lemnae0 orthologs
BRAOL23328 (A0A0D3BZV5)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea83 orthologs
BRARP14912 (M4EA42)EBrassica rapa32 orthologs
BRANA64931 (A0A078IZN9)EBrassica napus79 orthologs
BRANA13874 (A0A817B4F6)EBrassica napus77 orthologs
SCYLI06869 (A0A3E2H7U1)EScytalidium lignicola0 orthologs
ARALY27747EArabidopsis lyrata69 orthologs
ARATH36298 (AIGLB_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana68 orthologs

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