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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ARTOC02964 (C5FKC3)EArthroderma otae100 orthologs
MAIZE69656 (A0A1D6LST8)EZea mays66 orthologs
MISSI80498EMiscanthus sinensis65 orthologs
SORBI02159 (C5Z4R4)ESorghum bicolor66 orthologs
SETVI00320 (A0A4U6V5M4)ESetaria viridis66 orthologs
ORYPU24780 (A0A0E0LCR9)EOryza punctata68 orthologs
VITVI03433EVitis vinifera65 orthologs
ERYGU00038EErythranthe guttata66 orthologs
KALFE27453 (A0A7N0UZ90)EKalanchoe fedtschenkoi65 orthologs
DAUCS04472 (A0A161XBG8)EDaucus carota67 orthologs

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