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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
JACJA04518 (A0A8C5LIH6)EJaculus jaculus45 orthologs
URSMA31921 (A0A452UE58)EUrsus maritimus326 orthologs
HORSE19425 (F6ZHQ5)EEquus caballus364 orthologs
EQUAS31198 (A0A8C4M972)EEquus asinus asinus364 orthologs
CERSS08422ECeratotherium simum simum365 orthologs
MYOLU15632 (G1QG00)EMyotis lucifugus333 orthologs
ARMOS09020 (A0A284RBC3)EArmillaria ostoyae202 orthologs
ARMGA03743 (A0A2H3E2Z6)EArmillaria gallica245 orthologs

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