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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CITCL09923 (V4V7S2)ECitrus clementina59 orthologs
COCAP23727 (A0A1R3IYL5)ECorchorus capsularis40 orthologs
THECC23885 (A0A061FC76)ETheobroma cacao50 orthologs
GOSRA62059 (A0A0D2QJW0)EGossypium raimondii36 orthologs
GOSHI38877EGossypium hirsutum42 orthologs
GOSAR08873 (A0A0B0NJ58)EGossypium arboreum37 orthologs
GOSRA62060 (A0A0D2S561)EGossypium raimondii0 orthologs
GOSHI62093EGossypium hirsutum27 orthologs
KALFE26592 (A0A7N0UDS5)EKalanchoe fedtschenkoi79 orthologs
GRIFR13987 (A0A1C7LMJ0)EGrifola frondosa0 orthologs
CHAGB08514 (Q2GRJ8)EChaetomium globosum1 orthologs
MANES04422 (A0A2C9VWZ2)EManihot esculenta47 orthologs

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