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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ORYBR26236 (J3MMJ8)EOryza brachyantha237 orthologs
ORYLO09927EOryza longistaminata206 orthologs
ORYPU27600 (A0A0E0LMW2)EOryza punctata104 orthologs
ORYSJ29261 (Q6ZLH4)EOryza sativa129 orthologs
ORYRU32680 (A0A0E0QAL7)EOryza rufipogon130 orthologs
ORYGL24729 (I1QBU4)EOryza glaberrima141 orthologs
ORYSI31995 (A2YN84)EOryza sativa143 orthologs
ORYNI32003 (A0A0E0I327)EOryza nivara117 orthologs
BRADI02315EBrachypodium distachyon114 orthologs
MAIZE80814 (A0A1D6III6)EZea mays125 orthologs
SORBI15126 (A0A1B6QFB9)ESorghum bicolor131 orthologs
MISSI23372EMiscanthus sinensis122 orthologs
SETVI14829 (A0A4U6W1X4)ESetaria viridis122 orthologs
SETIT07839 (K4A3B8)ESetaria italica113 orthologs
MISSI18011EMiscanthus sinensis112 orthologs
ERATE31725EEragrostis tef237 orthologs

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