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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
BRARP24831 (M4DF04)EBrassica rapa46 orthologs
BRANA23840 (A0A816YM56)EBrassica napus47 orthologs
BRAOL37167 (A0A3P6ER37)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea47 orthologs
EUTSA08894 (V4L4B5)EEutrema salsugineum45 orthologs
CITCL04478 (V4T9A1)ECitrus clementina44 orthologs
ROSCH14788 (A0A2P6PUH4)ERosa chinensis46 orthologs
PRUDU06512 (A0A5E4EMP2)EPrunus dulcis0 orthologs
PRUDU06511 (A0A5E4ELF1)EPrunus dulcis46 orthologs
PRUPE05165 (M5VW23)EPrunus persica46 orthologs
CAPAN23604 (A0A2G2ZEH7)ECapsicum annuum46 orthologs
MANES11373EManihot esculenta45 orthologs
VITVI22205EVitis vinifera47 orthologs
ACTCC10557 (A0A2R6PPC7)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis46 orthologs
ACTCC25081 (A0A2R6QSI2)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis46 orthologs
TOBAC26238 (A0A1S3X1P4)ENicotiana tabacum0 orthologs
TOBAC44865 (A0A1S3YXT9)ENicotiana tabacum32 orthologs
THECC02255 (A0A061DNF6)ETheobroma cacao49 orthologs

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