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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SALTR92965 (A0A673Z3L9)ESalmo trutta0 orthologs
CHIPU29010 (A0A401TRL9)EChiloscyllium punctatum1 orthologs
BRADI01796EBrachypodium distachyon854 orthologs
MISSI24067EMiscanthus sinensis346 orthologs
MAIZE81893 (B6SJ08)EZea mays512 orthologs
SETIT08410 (K3ZX77)ESetaria italica830 orthologs
SETVI11502 (A0A4V6DC58)ESetaria viridis865 orthologs
ORYPU28100 (A0A0E0LPQ5)EOryza punctata821 orthologs
ORYBR26754 (J3MP23)EOryza brachyantha828 orthologs
MISSI18100EMiscanthus sinensis296 orthologs

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