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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
BRAOL01141 (A0A0D3A433)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea38 orthologs
BRANA46625 (A0A078J453)EBrassica napus36 orthologs
BRARP00955 (M4D9Z6)EBrassica rapa37 orthologs
BRANA00887 (A0A816XMD9)EBrassica napus36 orthologs
ARATH27836 (Q8LEL5)EArabidopsis thaliana40 orthologs
ARALY26323EArabidopsis lyrata34 orthologs
BRALA16964EBranchiostoma lanceolatum464 orthologs
DROOB21041 (A0A6P5W0X3)EDrosophila obscura490 orthologs
SCHJY02607 (B6K2T0)ESchizosaccharomyces japonicus40 orthologs
CALMI14199 (A0A4W3H180)ECallorhinchus milii0 orthologs
CALMI14200 (A0A4W3GL81)ECallorhinchus milii0 orthologs

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