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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PELPD02647 (A1ASR0)BPelobacter propionicus721 orthologs
THIK102968 (D5WZY7)BThiomonas intermedia668 orthologs
GEOSL00300 (Q74GE1)BGeobacter sulfurreducens683 orthologs
GEOSK00272BGeobacter sulfurreducens683 orthologs
GEOUR01862 (A5GFD4)BGeobacter uraniireducens671 orthologs
GEOSM01101 (C6E317)BGeobacter sp.670 orthologs
GEOBB03093 (B5E8X1)BGeobacter bemidjiensis676 orthologs
GEOMG00114 (Q39ZF5)BGeobacter metallireducens669 orthologs
CONPW00010 (A0A5M3N4B6)EConiophora puteana10 orthologs
TANFA02924 (G8UIV3)BTannerella forsythia10554 orthologs

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