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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ARATH00581 (O22691)EArabidopsis thaliana60 orthologs
ARALY00365EArabidopsis lyrata59 orthologs
EPTBU24208 (A0A8C4R3Z1)EEptatretus burgeri3 orthologs
ARAAL00283 (A0A087HKW9)EArabis alpina55 orthologs
BRAOL25966 (A0A0D3C7H8)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea53 orthologs
BRANA65282 (A0A078FYI5)EBrassica napus58 orthologs
BRARP37039 (M4DFN1)EBrassica rapa57 orthologs
BRANA38339 (A0A078J3W1)EBrassica napus59 orthologs
BRANA34996 (A0A078H1M3)EBrassica napus62 orthologs

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