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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
EPTBU19168 (A0A8C4N135)EEptatretus burgeri167 orthologs
SALMN03057 (A0A8D0B722)ESalvator merianae109 orthologs
SOLTU04094 (M1A8X3)ESolanum tuberosum46 orthologs
SOLLC09510 (A0A3Q7F370)ESolanum lycopersicum49 orthologs
TOBAC59251 (A0A1S4AG56)ENicotiana tabacum0 orthologs
TOBAC59250 (A0A1S4AFG6)ENicotiana tabacum57 orthologs
NICAT13946 (A0A1J6L1N1)ENicotiana attenuata54 orthologs
TOBAC70877 (A0A1S4BMX1)ENicotiana tabacum53 orthologs
CAPAN04927 (A0A2G3AKH2)ECapsicum annuum19 orthologs

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