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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ACTCC25621 (A0A2R6QU41)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis112 orthologs
SAPDV02783 (T0QZL5)ESaprolegnia diclina0 orthologs
EPTBU19489 (A0A8C4NJI4)EEptatretus burgeri0 orthologs
LOALO11895 (A0A1I7VVX8)ELoa loa428 orthologs
BRUMA12739 (A0A0H5SBS3)EBrugia malayi549 orthologs
WUCBA07202 (A0A3P7E303)EWuchereria bancrofti522 orthologs
ONCVO06599EOnchocerca volvulus385 orthologs
CRAGI12587 (K1QUK4)ECrassostrea gigas345 orthologs
EPTBU02007 (A0A8C4X1Z7)EEptatretus burgeri11 orthologs
EPTBU02006 (A0A8C4R9U8)EEptatretus burgeri0 orthologs

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