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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ERATE29914EEragrostis tef90 orthologs
ERATE25461EEragrostis tef95 orthologs
BRADI15021 (I1I067)EBrachypodium distachyon98 orthologs
SETIT23254 (K3YHN9)ESetaria italica98 orthologs
SORBI34830 (A0A1B6PI35)ESorghum bicolor100 orthologs
SORBI34831 (A0A1B6PI28)ESorghum bicolor0 orthologs
MAIZE15542 (A0A1D6KLP8)EZea mays0 orthologs
MAIZE15541 (A0A1D6KLP6)EZea mays100 orthologs
MAIZE15543 (B6T6X0)EZea mays0 orthologs
MAIZE15544 (A0A1D6KLP9)EZea mays0 orthologs

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