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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
WHEAT127779 (K9M7N1)ETriticum aestivum6 orthologs
DROSZ01360 (A0A6J0G9W9)EDrosophila suzukii29 orthologs
DROER12202 (B3N8Z5)EDrosophila erecta29 orthologs
PROMA00509 (Q7VD73)BProchlorococcus marinus1476 orthologs
SYNPW00623 (A5GJD5)BSynechococcus sp.1472 orthologs
SYNPV00594 (A4CS03)BSynechococcus sp.1474 orthologs
PROM400512 (A9BED3)BProchlorococcus marinus1468 orthologs
PROMM01611 (Q7V6A9)BProchlorococcus marinus1497 orthologs
PROM300737 (A2C7N8)BProchlorococcus marinus1496 orthologs

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