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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PIGXX16480 (F1SCF0)ESus scrofa101 orthologs
PTEVA06848EPteropus vampyrus102 orthologs
BOVIN09902 (A1AT_BOVIN)EBos taurus87 orthologs
SHEEP08011 (W5PZS7)EOvis aries82 orthologs
TURTR11010ETursiops truncatus104 orthologs
SPETR04751 (I3MK52)ESpermophilus tridecemlineatus1 orthologs
LOXAF16193 (G3TDW3)ELoxodonta africana110 orthologs
RATNO18084 (A1AT_RAT)ERattus norvegicus82 orthologs
SORAR02337ESorex araneus54 orthologs
OTOGA14449 (H0WJ03)EOtolemur garnettii103 orthologs
ERIEU05656EErinaceus europaeus91 orthologs
GEOS000165 (A0A0F6BHX2)BGeobacillus sp.304 orthologs
GEOTC00165BGeobacillus thermoglucosidasius288 orthologs

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