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posted on 27 Sep 2014

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Keyword Protein Sequence Group Entry

Examples: Search for "photoreceptor" - Entry HUMAN16963 (with 96 orthologs)

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Keyword search
Full-text search in all fields of the database
(IDs, cross-references, descriptions). Use double-quotes
(") to search for exact phrases. The entries returned by
the search contain all keywords (implicit "and").
Sequence search
Very fast search for amino acid (sub-)sequences.
Any non-amino acid characters are ignored,
making it possible to simply paste a Fasta
sequence into the search box.
Display an OMA group
Groups can be accessed directly by group number, by
the ID of a protein in the group or by the
"fingerprint", a short sequence unambigously defining
an OMA group.
Display an entry (a protein)
Directly access an entry by the OMA entry
number (e.g. ECOLI01893) or by using other
identifiers, such SwissProt, NCBI or Ensembl IDs.