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OMA Predictions on Reference Proteomes

The OMA predictions were calculated also on the Reference Proteomes genomes. The Reference Proteomes group provides complete non-redundant proteome sets for 66 publicly available species chosen by the Quest for Orthologs group.

More information on this dataset:

  • EBI
  • Meeting report of first "Quest for Orthologs" in 2009
  • Meeting report of second "Quest for Orthologs" in 2011
  • Information about OrthoXML and SeqXML

    Dataset v5 - 2011-04

    Orthology Relationships
    The orthology relationships are available in three different types: OMAGroups, which are cliques of orthologs, all pairs of orthologs and the GETHOGs, i.e. the hierarchical orthologous groups.
    OMA groups: OrthoXML format downloadOMAGroups_v5_2011-04.orthoxml.gz
    Pairwise orthologs: OrthoXML format downloadOMAPairs_v5_2011-04.orthoxml.gz
    Hierarchical groups: OrthoXML format downloadOMA_GETHOGs_v5_2011-04.orthoxml.gz
    All sequences with the corresponding identifiers are generated, maintained and distributed by the EBI / SeqXML partners and are kept here for reference.
    Protein sequences: SeqXML format download2011_04_reference_proteomes_v5.tgz